I really enjoy teaching the money strand. When I opened the  Planet Maths book last week, I nearly fell asleep instantaneously. It was just so exceptionally boring. I despise maths text books. So, I addressed what standard units/ objectives needed to be covered, and approached the lesson my own way.
I gave each child an Aldi catalogue and they had a number of problems to work on. The children loved it, and they were SO engaged. My lesson plans were based on the items and prices in the catalogue, and money computations, e.g. sale price v full price, how much for three wallets, what can you buy for 65.00, whats the closest you can get to 65e etc. I will upload the worksheet to Mash.ie when I get a moment. The children cut the items they were buying and glued them into their copies.

Today, we moved onto VAT and adding it on to prices. So, the aldi leaflets will be out again tomorrow as we work on adding VAT onto prices. I am looking forward to it!


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