Maths Problem Solving in Sixth Class

October 7, 2023

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maths interactive problem solving resource

As I settle back into sixth class after not having been on the senior end of the school for quite a while, I am reminded of how problem solving can be tricky for so many students. I find mental maths/ arithmetic tends to always be stronger than word problems or problem solving in students.

So, I made this resource using a powerpoint template. My aim is to use this every single day, just one problem a day for the rest of the year. I started off well using it in September but then I forgot for a couple of weeks! I do feel however that consistency is key when it comes to problem solving and doing a little bit every single day makes a difference.

There’s 130 word problems in this resource, one for every day of the year from now by the time you take out holidays etc!

We use the RUDE approach for problem solving which is read, underline, draw, estimate.


The Maths Problem Solving Set uis a comprehensive resource that will help you to help your students grow in confidence when it comes to solving word problems. The resource is packed with a diverse range of math problems, carefully created to challenge and engage students of all levels, taking differentiation into account. I have included problems suited for various learning styles and abilities, allowing you to differentiate and ensure that every student experiences success when trying to solve the problems. A lot of the problems are based on ‘real life’ maths too which is important in my opinion! I designed this to save you time in searching for materials too and for something a little different and more interactive than the usual book work!

I use this in the morning as a start activity before starting into my maths lesson but it could also be used in maths stations, or in group or pair work where children work together to try figure out the problems.

I will leave the link here:

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