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November 3, 2016

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I finally introduced full on maths stations with my 29 first and second class children two weeks ago. I had been introducing it on a table by table basis since September to get them used to it, and I am so glad I did. They are now more used to the games and the fact that it is maths as well as playing. I really enjoy maths stations and the children do too. After midterm I’ll introduce literacy stations.


I have five- six stations rotating with each station being 10 minutes in duration.

I won’t go through all the games you can use in numeracy with cards as there are hundreds. I am using these with 1st class. Last week we were on the story of 19, so they played with the cards in pairs. They each picked two cards. If the two numbers on the card added up to 19, they could keep the card. If it didn’t the other player keeps the cards. Simple but they like it!


Batman time cards! They are a little young for these but I am trying to familiarise them with clocks and time before I start the actual topic.



Each player picks two pieces. Which ever player has the highest number of dots, or the closest to our target number wins.


I use this ball SO much- easily my most used resource. It is not part of the stations but I used it for maths warm up. I base the game on the number we are learning about. So for example the story of 19 in 1st class. I would pass the ball to one child and ask for two numbers we can plus to get 19. He/she passes it to another child who must think of two more numbers. It’s good for differentiation too, for e.g, the very able children will be asked to give me three if not four numbers which you can add to get to 19. I really enjoy teaching maths to 1st and 2nd so if you want me to share any more maths games just let me know!




Lego Towers!

My personal favourite. Each child closes their eyes and picks a piece of lego. Which ever child has the highest number gets to keep the piece of lego and build on to the tower. This is a great one for children who struggle with maths, and so many more dimensions can be added on for children who find maths easy.

Imagine a world without a maths book,where we could just use fun activities every day!? I really believe maths books shouldn’t be introduced until third class at least!



I also have maths stations with worksheets and the Maths Box but I didn’t have time to photograph them.


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