Morning Activities

February 26, 2018

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Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely day at school. I hope you are all settling in well with your new students. I actually miss the children in my school so I am going to visit them on Wednesday to introduce them to Lara! I can’t wait to see how they have grown after the summer holidays. They always seem so grown up after the two months break!

It is really starting to feel like September now with the weather changing and the darker nights drawing in. I love this time of year.

So this post is all about morning activities- what do you do with that first half hour of the day? It is the most important time as it sets the tone for the whole day. If it is planned and organised then you would hope the rest of the day would follow suit, but if not..

I had first and second class lfor the past two years and I tried to vary our morning activities most days. We did reading every morning except for Fridays when we have our tests. I was so lucky because I had an amazing SNA and a support teacher in most mornings and between the three of us we fly through the reading! In order to keep the class on task for this essential half hour , I do the following activities. These could work with most classes.


First things first, we say our prayer and I pick maybe five or six children to share their news. We do this every day. Then the written activity varies.

Monday: Our Weekend News- written in copies

Tuesday: Alphabetical order work: the children put their spellings for the week in alphabetical order and put them into sentences. Some children draw pictures of the words rather than sentences.

Wednesday: Morning worksheets. These are brilliant worksheets with a variety of literacy and numeracy tasks on them which I ordered from teacherspayteachers for free! Here is a link to the 2nd class version :

Thursday: Maths word problems. have a powerpoint of these problems which I will upload to my blog. I do this on top of my normal maths lessons as it’s part of school policy. I would really recommend it however because the text books just don’t give enough focus to word problems.


Friday: Friday mornings are for tests! Spelling tests, tables tests , written and oral maths tests, my poor class!


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