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May 10, 2022

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Hello everyone!

I hope all is well and that the last school term of the year is going well for you all. It certainly is a busy time of year.

I am writing today, about a new website I have, called ‘Múinteoir Valerie’s School’. This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time now, and the feedback I have received from webinars this year gave me the confidence boost I needed to go for it. Múinteoir Valerie’s School is a courses website, which contains short courses on areas I am particularly interested in. This summer, I will be releasing four courses

  1. Planning and Preparing for your ASD Classroom
  2. Assessment in an ASD Classroom
  3. Managing Behaviours in an ASD Classroom
  4. Supporting Children with ASD in Mainstream Settings

My career path over the past few years has brought me down the road of special education. I took a career break this year and ended up teaching in support. So although I am not currently in an ASD classroom, I do really miss it and plan on teaching in one again. I am also working on my Masters in Special and Additional Learning Needs, and will be finished in January. It has ended up taking three years instead of two but I did have a newborn baby in the middle of it so I am okay with that timeframe.

The first course, Planning and Preparing in an ASD Class is an hour and 45 minutes long. It is self paced and you can revist and replay it as often as you like. They do not qualify for EPV days, I have a department approved course with Anokha Learning ‘Teaching Strategies to Promote Wellbeing in Children with Autism’ and its available here https://anokhalearning.com/teaching-strategies-to-promote-wellbeing-in-children-with-autism-summer-course/, which will give you three EPV days upon completion.

These courses are shorter mini courses focusing in on certains aspects of teaching in an ASD class which I feel, through talking to teachers online over the past year, that support is required in.

Planning and Preparing for your ASD Class is available here and it costs 21e to complete. When you sign up for the course, you will also receive sample long term plans to help you with your planning, a short term planning template and folder headings.

The course covers the following:

Short Term Planning:

The importance of assessment in planning

The children and their interests/prior learning

Adapting the curriculum

Specific approaches to learning

Concise , Realistic and Measurable Planning

Sample objectives in plans

Using the SEN Pathways

Fortnightly Plans

Monthly Plans

Including all Learners-Differentiation Strategies

Long Term Planning :

Student Support File

School Support Plus Plan

Assessment records


Care plan

Risk assessment

Intimate care plan

Behaviour plan

Setting Targets

Here is the link:https://muinteoirvalerie.thinkific.com/

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