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June 10, 2020

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Hi everyone,

Thank you all for the nice messages of support this evening, I really appreciate it!

Last year I released the Ebook ‘Múinteoir Valerie’s Guide to Primary Interviews’. It was the first interview guidebook which focused solely on Irish primary school interviews in Ireland. It sold very well, and I have had lots of requests over the past year to make it available in a hard copy version too. I completely understand as if I was going for an interview I would much rather have the actual book in my hand when studying rather than spending that much time looking at a screen. I think we all have enough screen time as it is! I released it as an ebook originally to keep the cost down for me and the consumer, but when the demand was there I said I would give people both options!

I have a video on instagram which gives a detailed run through of what the book includes.

Table of Contents

The Standard Application Form

Curriculum Vitae

The Letter of Application

List of Questions

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions English

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Gaeilge

Standard Application Form Buzz words and Verbs

First Impressions

Research the School

What to (And Not To) Wear – Interview Attire

Questions you may want to ask the Interviewer

Interviews with Principals

Checklist: Are you Ready?

Principalship Interview Questions

Sample Criteria

Workbook Table of Contents:

My Top Six Qualities

Four Achievements I am Proud Of

Four Reasons Why this School Needs Me

My Teacher Traits

Buzzwords to Remember

What Schools are Looking For

Adjectives and Traits which describe you

Researching School Website

Teaching Philosophy

My CPD Record

Technology and Me

Technology Buzzwords

My Classroom

Interview Tips

Weekly Planner Template

My Notes Template

Important to Do template


The new book consists of the interview Ebook from last year and a brand new thirty page workbook. I love the addition of the workbook. It makes it more personal to you and encourages you to really praise yourself and focus on what you can offer the school.

The book is ninety eight pages in length and includes just about everything you need to help you prepare for your interview.

It is available to pre-order now and delivery will take roughly 10-14 days.


20200610 215240
20200610 215240
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