Music and Drama in the Classroom – Summer Course

July 16, 2015

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I completed my summer course this week. I chose to do my course with Hibernia College. I chose Music and Drama in the Classroom.

I decided to study this course as I felt my drama and music lessons needed slightly more structure.

The course is designed as follows:
Lesson 1: Music Literacy (Rhythm)
Lesson 2: Pitch/Rhythm and Pitch
Lesson 3: Percussion Instruments
Lesson 4: Drama Games and Lessons
Lesson 5: Integrated Arts
The course begins with music. It teaches you how to teach music in a graded approach. It gives a comprehensive overview of music literacy, while simplifying it for the child’s level. It takes you through it step by step, so you can follow it even if you don’t have a clue about music! It brings you through pulse and rhythm for each class, and identifies the musical concepts to be taught. The course focuses on music literacy and how to teach it, while referring briefly to the other strands of performing and listening and responding.

Lesson two builds on the concepts explored in lesson one, with many on-line listening tasks for the teacher to complete to test your knowledge thus far.

Lesson three discusses practical ideas for playing percussion instruments in the
primary school classroom.
Introduces samba drumming for primary school
Introduces methods to build confidence in the teaching of music
Discusses how to make the music curriculum an active and enjoyable
experience for teachers and children. This lesson was particularly useful in my opinion, as it gave many practical ideas to use in the classroom.
Lesson four is based on drama. I found this to be the best over-view of drama and how to teach it. It is broken down as follows:

Overview of the drama curriculum
• Section 2: Drama games
• Section 3: Drama strategies
• Section 4: Planning for drama
The course explores the benefits of teaching drama, the elements and prerequisites of drama and the drama strands and strand units.
The drama strategies are excellent. This lesson really made me take a step back and evaluate how I teach drama, and how I can improve my teaching. I have loads of really great ideas now which I look forward to using with 5th and 6th class in September. The practical tips at the end of the lesson are really good too.

Lesson five focuses on integrating the arts. It gives a brief synopsis of how to integrate the arts subjects at each class level.

All in all I really enjoyed this course. It was interactive and interesting, and I learned a lot about teaching drama and music in the classroom. I feel my lessons will be more structured now, and I will definitely teach music literacy a lot more this year![pb_builder]

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