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August 28, 2015

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Hi everyone,


As promised, here is a blog post on my art supplies for the first term! There will be more in the school, and I have my recyclables of course, but these are just the bits I bought myself.


I got these borders from Scholastic online. Here is the link:     Scholastic

I will use these for my borders for my display boards.


These are from Mr Price

The planet border was only 1.99! It would easily do two display boards, depending on size. I will use the blackboard vinyls for our quotes of the week, which the children will choose. I know the sixth class girls will love that job! The wrapping paper will be my backing paper for the boards. I bought the roll of backing paper too but I like this one for the polka dots!




I absolutely adore buttons for art. If you do a quick search on Pinterest you will see all the amazing art work you can do with them. These are also from Mr Price.



These can be used for any art lesson! I had them last year and used them all the time. I plan on using them in September for the creation of our Viking ships.


I got these in Mr Price too for display purposes.


These paint trays are excellent. I got it from Premier Stationery but they are in Mr Price too. The paint trays in most schools are way too big and the paint always goes to waste.



Pipe cleaners- again Mr Price (where else!) The options are endless, see Pinterest if you don’t believe me!


Lollipop sticks! Not only useful as materials for art, but maths too! Another art supply I used a lot last year.





I always try to buy art materials which I know I can use for many projects. If I can’t get at least five art lessons from them, I don’t buy them. I also use recyclable materials for a lot of lessons, which I will do a post on later!

Premier Stationery  supply most of the stationery and art supplies to Mr Price and it is really good quality.


My top three places to buy art supplies would be:

Mr Price

Powell’s (Galway)

Dealz (sometimes)


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