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One of the most frequently asked questions about teaching practice is that of the overarching theme. Basically, you choose one broad theme for the four/five/six weeks, and then pick sub themes which link to the over arching theme.

Here are some samples:

Overarching theme: Water

Sub themes: pirates, the titanic, the water cycle, ocean animals,marine transport, marine explorers

Overarching Theme: Animals

Zoo animals, rainforest animals, sea creatures, wildlife , pets

Overarching Theme: ww1

History of WW1, Women in war, children in war, life in the trenches

Overarching Theme Communications and the Media

History of communication in Ireland, the media- newspapers, history of TV, the internet and social media

Overarching Theme- Transport

Marine transport, the history of the car,aeroplanes, trains. transport and people, the post office

Overarching Theme- Winter

Winter animals, the Arctic, Antarctica, hibernation, weather

Overarching Theme-the rainforest

people of the rainforest, plants and trees of the rainforest, the Amazon jungle, children in the rainforest




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