Parent Teacher Meetings

November 8, 2018

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I think we all remember our first parent teacher meeting! I always dread the long day (working until five!) Here’s some things I do to make this time of year easier!

  1. Have a thermal cup for tea on your desk.
  2. Have a selection of your favourite chocolate treats in your top drawer.
  3. Have a template to help you structure your meeting. I use the following:  Learning objectives, progress development, strengths, weaknesses and  social development.
  4. Remember most schools have ten minute time slots which isn’t long, so set a timer and stick to it. If there is a big issue of concern try organise another meeting for it, it is not fair on other parents to keep them waiting ages!
  5. Ask questions and listen.
  6. Always start with the positives!
  7. Sometimes parent teacher meetings can be difficult and there’s no way around it but you have to be honest and tell it how it is so that the parents can support the child in whatever is going on. There’s no point in sugar coating issues.
  8. Have lots of work samples available to back up what you’re saying.
  9. Keep a record of any difficulties you are having with a child to show at the meeting.
  10. Remember , a parent should never hear about negative behaviour for the first time at the PT meeting, there should be ongoing communication throughout the school year if this is the case.


I have uploaded the template I use when giving feedback in PT meetings  :

Just click the link below:

parent teacher meeting template


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