5th and 6th Class Reading Comprehension

A set of 20 reading passages with questions for fifth an sixth class. The next 20 passages will be released on the 1st of October.

Table of Contents:

1.The First Day

2.Moving Day

3.The Ardagh Chalice

4.The Book of Kells

5.The Revival OF Gaelic Culture

6.Adi Roche

7.The Chernobyl Disaster

8.The GAA

9.A Day I Will Never Forget

10.The Amazon Rainforest

11.New York, New York

12.Bessie Coleman

13.The Rugby World Cup

14.The Solar System

15.Spaceman Calling

16.The Vampire Bat- Friend or Foe

17.The Cleggan Disaster

18.The Connemara Pony

19.A Rare Old Town

20.The Rescue

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