‘The King’s Diary’- A Famine Resource

A 50 slide document based on the Irish Famine. This begins with facts of the Irish famine, and then continues with a fictional story called ‘The King’s Diary’. The King’s Diary is intended to be used as a novel in class. It is roughly 35/40 slides in length and is historically accurate. The product concludes with a section of higher order questions, lower order questions, and teaching ideas for integrated learning. All in all, I plan on getting three weeks of work out of this document.


The Kings Diary is the diary kept by John King. In his diary he describes the famine through his eyes. He recalls digging the first rotting potato, right up to his new life in America two years later. This story is rich in historical conflict. It is intended to be used as a class novel, displayed on the IWB, or indeed printed off.


Suitable for 4th-6th class, and possibly a strong third class.

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