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September 4, 2013

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Hi everyone!

All is busy here preparing for teaching practice two. Of course, instead of working on my modular plan, I am knee-deep in creating my newest DIY job..which is.. A PROP BOX! A”Prop Box” is essentially a box full of materials related to the same theme or topic, which help students to enter into dramatic roles.

My prop box will be used in Drama. I often find (especially with the older classes) that children find it much easier to enter into the drama world and really participate, when they are wearing the correct gear!

I have been rooting out all the wardrobes at home in search of props and I have come up trumps! The amount of ‘stuff’ that my sisters and I have gathered over the years is crazy! So Mom is getting the cupboards cleared out at last, and I am getting loads of props… everyone wins!

So far, I have been dividing my props by the theme I will be using each week. My themes are as follows:



Our Local Area,


Our Environment.

So, the props I have gathered for my Communications theme are:

·         A really old telephone which belonged to my grandmother.

·         A variety of old mobile phones.

·         An old letter

·         A set of stamps.

·         An assortment of leaflets and brochures

·         A Dictaphone

·         Old newspapers and greeting cards

That’s all I have so far but I am still searching!


A variety of clothing…are you going somewhere warm? If so you’ll need

·         sunglasses, a straw hat, sun cream, sandals.

         How about somewhere cold, like Antarctica? You’ll need:

·         woollen hats, gloves, scarves, goggles to protect your eyes from the glare of the ice/snow, a warm throw-over blanket.

        What supplies will you need to ensure survival?

·         A compass, a map, a mini globe, a magnifying glass, binoculars, torches.
 A few general bits and bobs which can be used with any theme: ( courtesy of PPDS)
Plastic flower (credible) on stem….. a rose
Telephone / mobile phone
A crown
Black cloak
Long dress
Clown’s wig
Hand bag
Jewellery (junk)
Feather boa
Length of material
Wooden treasure chest
Chinese fan
Piece of white web curtain for weddings,
curtains, bedcovers, cloaks etc
Selection of fabrics
Teddy, doll
Skipping rope
Walking stick
Coloured mat
Box – mystery box
Old runner
Knitting needles and wool
Pack of cards
Braided chord
Attractive material
Face paints
Long coats
Feely bag
Eye masks
Stick / hurley
A newspaper
Tea towel – tie a knot to make a puppet
Roll of tin foil
Large square of white fabric
Sun glasses / old glasses

I’ll put up photos of the finished product when it’s all done.



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