Resigning from My Permanent Job

July 14, 2022

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Two weeks ago I offically resigned from my permanent teaching position. It was a huge step for me, because it was my first real job, besides subbing. I started working there seven years ago, when I had only just moved up to Dublin. So many big life moments happened when I was working in that school, buying our house, getting engaged, married, having the kids etc. I met some of my closest friends there too, and I will always be grateful to it for that!

I worked with the most incredible children and parents, and I learned SO much in my early days there as a newly qualified teacher. I have so many great memories from that school, and I will always remember it fondly.

A lot of teachers are curious as to why I left, and about what is to come next. So much as I loved my school, it is a bit of a commute for me. I didn’t mind it when it was just me but it was a lot with Lara, and she used to get really bad car sickness. The main reason I stayed for as long as I did after having her was because of her amazing childminder, who was a parent in the school. I could never even contemplate leaving Lara with a stranger when she was born, and it gave me such peace of mind knowing she was so well looked after when I returned to school.

I took a career break then last September because I didn’t feel ready to go back after having Frankie and I just needed time to reassess what I was going to do. It coincided with Lara starting playschool too, and I knew she needed to go to a local playschool and not one near my old school. So essentially decision time was looming with her nearing starting school (next September) and by Christmas of this year I knew I would have to resign. She had settled so well in playschool, Frankie had settled with a minder ( I was slightly more relaxed second time round!) and I had started working in school and was really enjoying the change.

I would like to be all noble and say I moved for the kids, so that they wouldn’t have the drive every day, and so that they can go to school locally with their friends. That is the main reason, but I was ready to move on myself too. I needed a change. I was so comfortable where I was, I needed to shake things up a bit. So I had it in my head that I wouldn’t be going back but I still couldn’t bring myself to officially resign for ages! The thought of not having that security was quite daunting to me. I did eventually resign though, had an interview the following week and got the job in the school I was working in this year! It is a temporary position and that is absolutely fine with me. I think the lockdowns and covid and all that made me reassess things, and I realised that being permanent isn’t the be all and end all. Once you are happy that is all that matters. I honestly can’t believe my luck, to go from one great school to another, and to finally be teaching close to home , it was definitely worth taking the chance!

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