Hello everyone,
Thank you for all the feedback regarding my resource packs.
Here is what is available so far. I am working on more material which should be ready in the coming weeks. I guess there’s no rush now considering school is almost out for the summer!

Harry Potter- Caitheamh aimsire- Photostory with teacher notes- 5th class.

MineCraft- Photostory- General comhrá and Caitheamh Aimsire- 4th-6th class

Spiderman- breithlá- ócáidí speisialta

 World Cup- Photostory- Caitheam Aimsire- 4th- 6th class

Bia- Junior and Senior Infants

Iggle Piggle goes to The Farm- Junior and Senior Infants- Mé Féin

Adventure Time- 2nd/3rd- An Scoil

Pingu- 1st/2nd -breithlá- ócáidí speisialta

Please leave a comment underneath if you are interested in any of the above. I will put up a screenshot of the resources tomorrow.



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