Review Number Three- Maths Homework and Comprehension

July 13, 2014

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Review number three is about two books which are ever so useful for the core subjects whilst subbing. They are, Maths Homework (Prim-Ed) and Comprehension ( Prim-Ed). I know these books will be perfect for those days when the teacher doesn’t leave work for you to cover. Sometimes I am wary of moving on with the core subjects in case I move on too far, in case I teach it differently, in case I do it in the wrong order, it’s a minefield! So sometimes, when left without instruction, it is a HUGE help to have photocopies of worksheets for the core curricular areas. Always leave a copy for the teacher too so she/he knows what was covered, and always correct the work you do with the children!

Maths Homework:

Let’s begin with maths. I have the Prim-ed Maths Homework book. They have other types but I chose this particular one because it has lots of content. Again, like the others books , it has a teacher information page which tells you the objective of the lesson, concepts required and the answers to the problems. The answer sheet will make it so easy for correcting!The Maths Homework book contains lesson sheets on almost all strands, and as well as that it has mental maths pages too. I plan to photocopy a number of pages to bring in my sub case. I can’t wait to use it!

Primary Comprehension:

The Primary Comprehension book is probably the best book I have bought so far for teaching English. I love love love teaching English and so I am always on the look out for great books. I am so happy I came across this one. It contains the following: ( I have to bullet point it because there’s just so much in it!)

  • Teacher notes: The teacher notes contains the title of the text to follow, the genre, answers ( I love the answer section!) , worksheet information, and extension activities.
  • In pupil page one the text is given. There is a variety between science fiction, poetry, myth/legend, fantasy, fairy tale, fable etc.
  • Pupil page two contains literal, deductive, and evaluative questions. I like this because it really delves into the text and makes the children really think about what they have read. I used this book last week in grinds and it really impressed me , and the children enjoyed the texts.
  • Pupil page three holds activities to practice comprehension strategies.
  • The book has brilliant teacher notes to help you really understand the comprehension strategies such as predicting, making connections, comparing and so on. It also shows you the process step by step- skimming, scanning,summarising etc.
  • It explains shared reading and guided reading, and best of all, all the genre definitions. 
  • It has a table too with the curriculum links.     

I think this book is really useful for sub teachers and NQT’s as it summarises and revises lots of aspects of the English curriculum. It is perfect for subbing because there is so much work based on the text, it would keep one very busy! I am looking forward to using it again in grinds this week.

Here are the links:

I am always on the look out for books, and given that I will more than likely be on the subbing scene come September, I would love to start organising my subbing resources subject by subject. I would really appreciate any suggestions/ books you found helpful while subbing.

Múinteoir Valerie


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