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January 17, 2022

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Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to share the news that I am the brand ambassador for Sam’s Business Bus. Sam’s Business Bus is an entrepreneurial programme funded by Enterprise Ireland. When I was approached by Sam’s Business Bus, I knew it was something I definitely wanted to be involved in. The creators of this programme are so incredibly passionate about bringing this programme to schools, and introducing children to a whole new skill set. The programme is even being used in six schools in Ghana currently, bringing valuable life skills to children in schools there too!

Sam’s Business Bus introduces the children to leadership and management skills, and encourages them to become more aware of people in their community, and to provide solutions to societal problems. The programme’s value lies in the skills it will bring to the students taking part. The programme is designed to encourage creativity, business skills, and also involves linking in with local entrepreneurs so children can learn from real life examples about being an entrepreneur. Not only that, but there’s also lesson plans and teaching resources available for teachers too. One of the creators of the programme is a retired teacher and is well aware of the constraints on our time and the pressure we are under. Therefore, Sam’s Business Bus is designed to form part of your curriculum and lessons rather than to be an extra workload. It integrates seamlessly within all subjects and so will actually save time planning etc! It is very cleverly designed in that sense. It is non competitive in nature, and is self-paced, so you can do it in whatever time frame suits you. In order to keep the momentum going with the children I would suggest working on it at least once a week, bearing in mind how it integrates so well too.

  • There’s a total of ten modules in the programme, and I will be working my way through the programme and will keep you up to date on how we are getting on! The learning objectives for the Entrepreneur module for example are,
  • name characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • recognise entrepreneurship at work
  • explain why people become entrepreneurs
  • learn how to identify entrepreneurs in their local community

The modules are so well laid out and makes it so easy to follow!

The entrepreneur module for example, has:

Definition of entrepreneur

A podcast/video of what is an entrepreneur

Questions about what an entrepreneur is

Class handout

Group discussion session about entrepreneurs

I think in today’s society where we don’t even know of jobs which will exist in ten years time, that it is important to equip children with entrepreneurial skills, to encourage them to be problem solvers, and flexible thinkers. This programme encourages children to develop problem solving skills.

Through the use of video lessons, podcasts, reading material, exercises, and other helpful resources, this course gives you the opportunity to introduce a multi-media interface to your classroom to help your school engage with us on a variety of levels. There will even be an option of a live zoom for your class once a week with one of the people who work on the programme.

I will be using this programme with fifth class pupils, so I’ll keep you updated on how we are finding it. I always find January/February to be long enough months in school so I think this programme will be useful in getting the children excited about something new, it will be something different, new resources and won’t take any extra work. There’s even some planning maps on the website too which will be really useful!

You can sign up for free here to access the videos and resources etc.

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