Science Blast Update

November 23, 2019

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We had our Science Blast meeting this week. We discussed Science Blast and what it entails. We looked it up on the interactive whiteboard, discussed the logo, and watched the short clip of the children from Castleknock NS who shared loads of interesting scientific questions!

I distributed post its to the class and each child wrote a question on theirs.

The steps involved are to:

  1. Pick a question.
  2. Plan, prepare and submit your question- make predictions with your class and plan your investigation.
  3. Test your predictions by measuring, observing, recording etc. Then plan how you are going to display your findings.
  4. Attend the event in Limerick, Dublin or Belfast!

So we are still on step one, we have loads of time though and it really is fairly straight forward, there is no booklet to submit or anything so the children get lots out of it without there being excessive paperwork on the teacher.

Next week we will make the final decision on our question and start making posters for the Science Blast Fair.

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