Simple At Home Activities Using Potatoes

April 28, 2020

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Muinteoir Valerie 5

All images are from Pinterest.

I have fallen down the pinterestr rabbit hole again, and this time it is for potato art ideas!

No Mr. Potato Head? Make your own Potato Man with a real potato! via @handsonaswegrow
14 Fun & Creative Ideas using Potato Stamps - Bright Star Kids
One of my earliest memories of painting is this super simple potato print activity that I shared with the Little Tots today. This is one of those...
Printmaking is hands down my favorite art activity. Bonus~ no drawing ability required! It can be as simple as these potato prints; carve, paint, and print!
Need a light? Use potato power! With this science experiment for kids, learn how chemical reactions take place between two dissimilar metals and how to create voltage. This is a classic STEM activity that's sure to please :)
Use simple materials to create your own Potato Head Pins!
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