SPHE Activity

October 14, 2014

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Hello everyone,
I was doing SPHE today with my class.  The lesson was about what makes us special and unique. This activity was a little follow up exercise. The boys in my class find it very difficult to take a compliment. One boy got upset one day because I told him his haircut was cool. He thought I was being sarcastic. How terrible is that? I felt so bad, but I was only trying to be kind, and it was a seriously cool do for a ten year old. He was okay when he realised I was being genuine, I couldn’t understand how a child could think an adult would treat them in such a way. Anyway, that incident gave rise to the impromptu SPHE lesson.
After break, the boys returned to find colourful envelopes hidden in their desks. One boy discovered it first and exclaimed excitedly over it. Gradually the others realised and started rummaging through their desks. I never witnessed such excitement! Inside the envelope they found a note, containing a compliment, such as ‘top class speller’, ‘excellent handwriting’, ‘really kind’, ‘great fun’ etc. Most exciting of all however was the chocolate eyeballs from Aldi in the envelopes! 
Some boys smiled ruefully while shoving the note into their pencil cases, others shouted out their compliment to the whole class, and others went to each table to find out what everyone else got! They all kept the notes however which made me happy. 
 Photo: A new post will be posted on my blog later about this little activity!


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