Spring is in the Air

February 10, 2014

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Hello there!
It is my final week in Ballyconneely NS and we began learning about Spring today. It is hard to work with a spring theme when snow is promised tomorrow but what can you do! I think that this whole idea of teaching the four seasons and the weather associated with them will have to go. It must be so confusing for children. Will they think it is winter tomorrow if it snows? While we are learning about signs of spring?!

Luckily, we had a glorious hour of sunshine today after lunch. We made the most of it and went on a nature trail. We split into our groups.wrapped up warm and headed for the yard.  We had three objectives:
1. find proof of bird life around our school.
2. listen for signs of spring.
3. list 5 signs of spring you have spotted.

There’s brilliant and FREE nature trail resources on teachers pay teachers.

We also learned about spring birds today. We learned about the Blue Tit and how she makes her nest. We searched for a birds nest in the school grounds but alas we didn’t find any.  We also made bird feeders for the birds in case the ground is still hard. It was so easy!

We used:
toilet rolls
peanut butter
porridge oats.

We simply used a spoon/ knife to spread the peanut butter on to the roll, we used trays full of oats to roll the toilet roll in, stuck in the straw through the punched holes at the bottom of the roll; ( to act as a perch) and voila, a bird feeder!

We learned about what the blue tit eats, where they live and so on. We then made the bird feeders. The classroom will probably smell of the foul peanut butter for the next year but it was worth it. We hung out one of the feeders on a tree. We will hang out the rest tomorrow. We made one each so the birds will have loads of food now!

Here’s the photos:

Bird feeders- junior and senior infants

Bird feeders- JI/SI/1st/ 2nd


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