Hello everyone!
Here is the 2nd instalment of samples from the Spring theme we have been doing this week. Personally, I find it a bit boring as a theme, but there’s loads of ideas on-line for it which is a huge advantage.

I focused on Spring animals today and yesterday. We learned about the humble hedgehog ( the children loved it) and the life cycle of a butterfly ( didn’t go down as well). I only spent a day learning about the hedgehog but we could have easily gotten a full week out of it.

We did animal reports on the hedgehog in science, we wrote acrostic poetry using the word ‘hedgehog’ in English, and we made a hedgehog out of pasta as an early finisher task. There was a lot to be found on-line about the hedgehog, particularly on the national geographic for kids website. Needless to say  the hedgehog was far more interesting than the butterfly. We just did a cutting and pasting task on the life cycle of the butterfly. I think the life cycle of the butterfly is probably used a lot in science so most children past junior infants are probably sick of it.

We had a spring vocabulary challenge. We aimed for ten words and reached 30. It was really fun and some children contributed excellent vocabulary, such as growth, fresh , etc. We then used this vocabulary to help us write a creative writing exercise about Spring.  I found story prompts on-line, one example would be ‘You wake up to find yourself munching on a leaf. you are a caterpillar! Write about your life’. The children wrote really creative stories which I enjoyed reading.

We learned about how CHANGEABLE spring weather is, while looking out at the snow falling! We are going to make tornadoes in a bottle in science tomorrow, keeping in line with current weather conditions!

Here’s some samples of the work the children did over the last two days:

Our Hedgehog

Creative Spring Writing

Spring Display


The Magic Boot Stories

Acrostic Poetry- 1st and 2nd class

Signs of Spring from our Nature Trail


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