Hello everyone!
Day two of summer camp went very well! The children are so enthusiastic and this makes a big difference. I started my summer camps two years ago, with ten children, three of whom were my nephews! This summer I had a total of thirty five children. The camps have grown and changed so much, and I have met so many lovely children,both local and visitors over the past two years. Tomorrow is our last day and we are going to have a super party! I can’t wait!
As for today, here’s what we did:

We made chocolate buttons and marshmallow cake. It is the easiest cake to make with kids because you don’t need an oven. I’ll post a recipe if you like.We divided into teams of six and made six cakes in total. I picked a head chef for each table and they oversaw the operations.

We then made clown collages, inspired by http://www.prim-ed.com/webshop/root/Visual-Arts/Primary-Art  which came out very well. Every single one came out differently which I was very happy over, process over product after all!

After art we ate our cakes, and then made home made bubbles, using water , washing up liquid, and pipe cleaners. It was tricky to get this completely right but it was SO exciting when the bubbles began to work, one boy made a giant one!

After this we played some games, had our prize giving ceremony, then it was home time. The three hours just fly by.
Here are some photos:


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