Teacher on Maternity Leave

November 13, 2018

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I am almost finished my paid maternity leave- only one week left! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. Luckily I am taking two months unpaid so I will return in February. I just feel at only almost five months Lara is too small to leave just yet. And it would be bedlam going back in the run up to Christmas! Maternity leave is great! Well the first two months were just stressful to be honest, looking after a new born is not easy! Then once Lara turned 10 weeks or so it just suddenly got a lot easier. Then when she hit three months I was away with it!

I revel in the life of domesticity. I love having the time to tidy my house from top to bottom, I love going for long walks with Lara and Sonny along the beach, and of course my extended trips home to Galway! Lara is just the best little baby ever, God bless her. She even gives me time to blog sometimes! Anyway, on Halloween night I was bringing Lara to visit my neighbour when my knee suddenly gave way and dislocated. Such a disaster! I had to drag myself to my neighbours door whilst holding Lara, and as a result I have a brace and am on crutches for six weeks! So I have had to move home for Mom to help me with Lara. I think everything happens for a reason though and God decided it should happen on my estate rather than when out on a solitary walk when there may not have been anyone around to help. My injury has put a halt to my gallop anyway which is why I have the time to blog a bit more, because I have no choice but to sit down!

Any tips on what to do to on maternity leave to get the most out of it?! Time is going by so fast!


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