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March 14, 2020

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Muinteoir Valerie 5

I know a lot of teacher aquaintances of mine are wondering how long this will go on for, if we will be back in two weeks, what is going to happen etc. Most teachers are used to being very, very busy during the school day. Most of my teacher friends like me, like to be organised, have structure, routine and like to be busy! I suppose that is why we became teachers. For those of us with children, we will be kept busy anyway so that is not an issue! But I will be making up a little timetable of things I want to achieve each day, working around playing with Lara and keeping her entertained of course!

First of all I will do a big Spring clean in our house, and I might treat myself to ordering some new candles on Amazon because I am a candle addict. I am going to frame and hang photos, and work on Lara’s room with a slight chance of actually taking the step to having her sleep in her own room. Even as I type this I know that won’t happen, I can’t part with her just yet! So household tasks and jobs will keep us busy for a few days.

I also plan to catch up on my Master’s workload. I have fallen behind because I have just been busy and that’s life sometimes! Our assignment is due the end of April so I’ll get working on that.

I have my plans done for school and resources etc so I may just sit down and go through assessments I have done with the boys and see what I can change, work on, etc. We were meant to be getting our new work stations next week, and luckily one of the girls I work with encouraged me to hold off, in case of the school closing! So I am very disappointed over that as I was so excited about getting them set up! But they will still be there when we get back to school and it’ll be something to look forward to. Anyway, I don’t want to go too far ahead in case learning priorities change etc so I’ll wait and see. I might create some resources for oral languge.

I am lucky to have this blog as my creative outlet, if I had the time I could spend hours and hours on this. So I will try publish some new posts too!

If you are a student teacher or an NQT job hunting, I would suggest using this time to really invest in yourself and start preparing for teaching interviews- the summer is just around the corner and the job applications are looming! I released my Interview Guidebook last Easter and it has since become my best seller! I’ll share a link to it here.

Maybe you could try upskill and do some online courses, if you can find some free or reasonably priced ones. This could be a great opportunity for you to give yourself a really good chance come interview season.

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