Teaching Interview Questions 2015

July 2, 2015

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So you have been offered a job interview and you’re ecstatic for all of five minutes until the horror sets in. Well, for some at least. Some people are natural performers. An interview is basically a performance, a show, a chance for you to impress. Sounds straight forward, but for some of us it is harder to ‘sell’ yourself than for others. I know I am a good teacher, but I find it difficult to impress in interviews. I had an interview lately, and I was unsuccessful. I requested feedback and was told that I did well, but I didn’t look the interviewers in the eye once! I was so shocked, I didn’t realise! It definitely makes you look a shady character, so be careful of that one!

Here are some questions I have been asked in my interviews so far this summer:

Tell us about yourself: (how long is a piece of string?!!?)

I usually begin with my college education, then my teacher training, who I trained with, and when I qualified. I then talk about my teaching experience to date, and the different schools I have worked in. If I have time, I mention my hobbies and how I use them in school.

Why do you want to be a teacher?
I have given horribly generic answers to this question so it’s one to work on. I say how I have always wanted to be a teacher because I love working with children, I love teaching and the sense of accomplishment which comes with the job, how it is a vocation to me, I spend a lot of time outside of school with children etc.


Catholic School Ethos:
I would encourage the children to develop a living relationship with God and others. I would encourage a philosophy of life inspired by belief in God and in God’s creations. I ensured the catholic school ethos was at the centre of my teaching in my previous school. Prayer was a part of every-day classroom life. We had a sacred space table, and a prayer tree, where we offered intentions for those in need of assistance.
The school, parents and parish must work in conjunction to uphold the catholic school ethos in primary schools, and this is of the utmost importance for the faith of the child to blossom to its fullest.


Teacher Traits?
Teachers should be compassionate, caring, kind, energetic, enthusiastic and a team player.

Assessment is an ongoing cyclical process. I use assessment of learning and assessment for learning. I use formal and informal assessment methods daily. I regularly use self-assessment which is great for motivating the children to see how they can improve, I use teacher observation and teacher designed tasks and tests. I also administered the Sigma and Micra T tests this year. Assessment is vital for effective teaching and learning.

Working with parents?
Parents are the primary educators of the child. Parent involvement is essential to the child succeeding in school. I would regularly involve parents in school life, through school events, contact via the homework journal, and through ensuring lines of communication are open at all times. When dealing with an irate parent, I would encourage them to make an appointment to see me after school so it wouldn’t interfere with the learning of the children in my class.[pb_builder]

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