Teaching Seminar in Ennis!

May 20, 2019 1 Comment

Hello everyone!

Since releasing my Interview Guide a few weeks ago, I have had a few requests for a CV workshop/seminar. Now I am not an expert, but I have committed a lot of time to this side of teaching which others don’t always see, the sheer amount of work involved in the period of time between finishing college in May and hoping to have employment by September!

So I am going to hold a seminar in Glór theatre in Ennis! It will take place on the 29th of June from 12- 3pm.

It will include presentations on the following:

The DIP and sample plans

Subbing and a sample CV

Job Applications and my approach to the standard application form.

Extra-curriculars and how to enhance your CV


The seminar costs fifteen euro and there will be lots of prizes from many companies who have kindly agreed to sponsor this!

If you have booked a place, could you please PM me what you would like to get from the seminar, i.e. are you a substitute/ NQT/trainee teacher, so I can prepare accordingly.


Thank you!


Valerie King

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  • Martina June 4, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Hi Valerie, just a quick query about your seminar. I qualified in 2011 and left my permanent job two years ago. So I’ll be applying for jobs. I get lots of interviews but never seem to get the jobs. I get so so nervous. Would this seminar be helpful to me? Would appreciate if you take the time to consider this and let me know. P.s. love all the work you do.

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