Hi everyone!

I am reading Kensuke’s Kingdom with my class at the moment. When we finish it we will tie it in with the theme of Australia. Here is what I hope to cover:

Geography: Find Australia on a map. Discuss how far from Ireland it is, how much bigger it is, etc. Compare and contrast using population, culture, schools, traditions, food, sport, the flags etc.

Create a holiday brochure for tourists going to visit Australia containing all the top attractions. You could make this traditionally using paper or on an IPAD.

Art: Colour the Australian flag templates, study aboriginal symbols.

Science: find out about the different animals that live in Australia, explore the Great Barrier Reef and the types of marine life living there, compare and contrast Irish and Australian weather.

Music:  Learn the Australian National Anthem, sing various traditional Australian songs—
waltzing Matilda,

Looking at the didgeridoo—listening to some, didgeridoo music and designing their own

History: Learn about famous Australian people in the past, learn about the Aborigines Tribe.


English: Fact file on Australia, report on Australia, poems etc.

Drama: pretend you are a tourist in Australia, in your group freeze frame activities to show which famous landmark you are visiting.

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