The Friendly Desk Fairy

March 6, 2018

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The Desk Fairy- the most tidiest of all mystical creatures, just loves a neat and tidy desk! And this fairy will be visiting my classroom this week. My tables are divided into groups, and these table groups form the basis for group and class rewards. The Desk Fairy will fly in and out of our classroom when we least expect it to examine our tables. The most tidiest table might just get a note from the friendly desk fairy with a little treat!

Rules for a tidy table:


  • No loose papers (everything should be in its folder)
  • No loose supplies (everything should be in pencil cases)
  • No rubbish small pieces of paper strewn about  the desk
  • No pencil shavings on the desk
  • No lunch remains on the desk



The treats I am going to use are:

A new packet of crayons for the table.

A novelty pencil for each person on the table

A set of gel pens for the table

Five minutes free time/talk time for the table


My note from the fairy is available here to download free of charge:


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