Tom Crean- What to Wear!?

February 5, 2014

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Dia Daoibh!
Here is a brief summary of a lesson I did today. I really enjoyed it and more importantly the children did too.

Subject: Science
Strand: Materials
Strand Unit: Properties of Materials
Theme: Tom Crean/ Antarctica

Preparation Involved: A lot!

The lesson:
We have been learning about marine explorers this week in school. Firstly we learned about Columbus, then Tom Crean. We have been exploring Antarctica in geography. Our task today was to create an outfit for Tom to wear while exploring Antarctica, using the appropriate materials.
We had a brainstorming session first. We talked about the type of clothes we wear in summer, winter, etc.
Then we looked at pictures of Tom Crean from when he was in Antarctica. We talked about what we would wear in Antarctica.

Next, I gave out the materials. Each child had a sandwich bag containing the following:

cut up rubber washing up gloves
rain proof material ( an old raincoat)
bits of sponge
old car seat covers
pipe cleaners
dish cloth material
swim suit material.
a cardboard cut out of Tom Crean

As I said, the preparation is a code red area. It took me a good hour or two last night to gather all the materials and to cut them up and bag them. It was worth it though because it went really well!

The children stuck on the materials using glue. The criteria was to make him as warm as possible. As you can see from the photos, the children were very inventive!

The children became familiar with many types of materials, and sorted them according to materials appropriate for warm/ cold weather.

The children evaluated their work at the end of the lesson. They took turns showing their outfits, explaining why they chose the materials they used and so on.


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