Updated Advice Regarding the Standard Application Form

June 1, 2015

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Hello everyone.

As we all know, Education Posts has exploded with job vacancies over the past two weeks. As always, it is difficult to know which are genuine, particularly at this time of the year. However, if you’re not in, you can’t win. In response to the advice I posted earlier today, which was a re-blog from last summer; a principal very kindly emailed me with her advice on applying for jobs!

(Disclaimer: This is the view of one principal from one school- all schools differ)

So here it is:

First of all, if the advertisement asks for the application to be sent via post, then send it via post. It seems obvious but apparently people have emailed their applications, which had to be discounted in the interest of transparency! Just check, double check and triple check the application before sending it.

Word on the street is that many principals are now discounting the standard application form in favour of the CV! This was news to me, as my CV isn’t particularly detailed, so that is something to work on. (I’ll write a post on writing a CV in due course) A CV gives a more well rounded view of the individual, and is more focused on you rather than the school. It makes perfect sense now that I think of it.

Some principals believe there is no need to list every single school you subbed in. Recent, relevant teaching experience will suffice. If subbing is what you have mainly managed as teaching experience, then mention those with duration whereby planning and classroom was required as opposed to a day here, day there where you were in essence a stop gap til the teacher returned.

Rationale behind the postal applications? The principals open them with chairperson and sign and date to show there is no interference etc. If emailed, they can’t do this. Also, some applications can end up in spam and may never be found until it’s too late. So that is the thinking behind it- it isn’t simply to cause us more hassle!

As for ethos, that naturally relates to each individual school and stems from its patronage, but naturally your response to this would reference how you would uphold the ethos via your respectful attitude to your fellow staff members and pupils and your home-school-church (of Catholic ethos) will be observed through sacred space, prayer, church visits, RE, sacramental teaching where relevant etc.

That’s it for now, if I am privy to any more intelligence I’ll let you all know!


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