What I have learned so far about subbing..

March 24, 2014

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Hello everyone!
I can’t believe I have nearly 25,000 views on my blog, I must start putting more up on it! If there’s anything you would like me to do a post on just let me know through my facebook page. Since finishing my final teaching practice in February, I have been fortunate enough to pick up subbing here and there. It started off as a day a week, and I have a full week now this week so I am delighted. (I am finished my course and entitled to sub). I am still very new to this but here’s a few lessons I have picked up along the way.

1. Have ‘tests’ photocopied. I usually have maths sheets photocopied in case it takes me a few minutes to find my bearings in the morning, particularly if it’s a new school. I have a maths assessment book and I use that, there’s also a good website called maths drills.com which I sometimes use.

2.  I tend to try do a fun activity in the afternoons, usually a science investigation. So far I have done the sugar experiment where you find the amount of sugar in foods, the celery food colouring one, the lava lamps, butter, volcanoes, lemonade, rockets and designing and making.

3. Try register with the book companies so you can access their books on-line, I do that a lot in case the teacher doesn’t want me going too far ahead in the book. So if the class use Sin E, I do the same chapter but from Bun go Barr on the IWB.

4.  Have work photocopied and ready to go for the early finishers or for the days when they fly through their work!

5. Arrive as early as you can if it’s your first day in a school to get used to the IWB and to figure out where everything is in the classroom.

6. Have your ‘subbing bag’ ready, with bits and bobs like pens, pencils, markers, whistle, photocopies. , timer, bell, post its and so on.

7. Have a notebook to take note of any incidents which took place during the day which you may need to let the teacher know about, like an argument at break, or  no homework submitted etc.

That’s it. Hopefully as I continue subbing I will be able to share ideas and resources.


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