you know you are a teacher when..

October 19, 2014

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Following on from this weekends ‘Reasons to Date a Teacher’ and A Crucial Weeks’ hilarious post about ’10 Reasons Not to Date a Girl who Teaches’, I have put together my own list.

You know you are a teacher when:

1. You ask your boyfriend, family , friends to use ‘kind words’.

2. You walk around town after school with a duck whistle dangling around your neck after a PE lesson.

3. Your significant other knows the name of every child in your class.

4. You either come home from school crying or laughing. It is either the best day ever, or the worst day of your whole entire life.

5. You roar ‘freeze’ when someone tries to dispose of a piece of cardboard.

6. You happily spend hours in Dealz and the 2 Euro Shop.

7. You have Dr Seuss quotes hanging on your fridge.

8. You have a substantial amount of haribo in your handbag, your desk drawer, your pockets etc. Just in case.

9.  You cannot pass a stationery shop without buying a novelty rubber or topper.

10. You know how to play Mine Craft and you know all the cool programs on TV.

11. Your car is full of cereal boxes, newspapers and a warm duffel coat for yard duty.

12.  You find yourself skipping to and from places rather than walking, because that’s the new classroom rule.

13. You have very happily wiled away hours and hours on pinterest.

14. You have used your teacher voice/teacher look at inappropriate times.

15. You know far more about Pirates than you should. Five facts about Blackbeard anyone?

16. Your birthday presents are always school related.

17. You own a personal puppet collection.

18. You own over twenty loom band bracelets which children have made for you. You won’t wear them but can never throw them out.

And there you have it. Anyone concur, or is it just me?!



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