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June 25, 2016

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How long do you think the children should stay at their homework for?

There are guidelines for each class level recommending how long homework should take. Most schools have a homework policy in place which I would be guided by. Homework for junior and senior infants should take no longer than 15 minutes, while for 5th and 6th it should ideally take no more than one hour. Again the amount of time it takes depends on the child and level of distractions etc. If a child was struggling with a topic of homework I would recommend the parent to allow the child to move on and inform me of the difficulty faced so I can help the child in class.


What would you do if an angry parent called to your door?

I would look for my principal and ask his advice,and if possible have him/her sit in on an arranged meeting. I would always encourage parents to make an appointment to discuss any grievances so as to not interfere with the teaching taking place during the day.

What sports can you offer?

If you play an actual team sport, then go with that. If like me, you are not that way inclined, then think a little broader. Maybe you could do zumba, aerobics, boot camp?
Do you work well in groups?

YES! Even if you don’t. Team work is essential in a school. Teachers need to work together as a team in school so being a team player is an essential attribute to have. You may need to work with teachers to plan school tours, sports days, field trips etc. Team work is also a must if you work with an SNA.

How do you think you could work well with people who have many more years experience than you do?

I think I would delight in the opportunity to learn from teachers with more experience than me, and I think it could really help me grow and develop my teaching skills.
Have you any special interests?

Yes, I love gardening, chess, science, music, yoga and baking, all of which I could use and integrate into teaching and learning in my classroom.

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