My Visit to IKEA

July 28, 2016

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Ikea haul! Well not really. I didn’t buy a lot of school stuff as I have most of it already from last year. I did photograph some things I thought would be nice in the classroom though!

These puppet owls are cute. I have been looking out for a snowy white owl like Hedwig from Harry Potter all summer but haven’t found one yet. These are nice for five euro but not quite right for me. I want a watchful owl to have in the corner to swoop down and catch the children being good.!




These soft toy pencils and clocks are very classroom-esque! Might be nice for the library area?

IMG_0576 IMG_0577

The big bad wolf! You could use him for The Three Little Pigs story or Red Riding Hood. He is really cool, I wish I bought him now!



Dinosaur rug for six euro, again lovely for the library area.IMG_0584

I bought these cups for my table groups. Green cup at green table etc for holding colours in.



These gigantic paper rolls are so handy! I used them loads with 5th and 6th!IMG_0587

Stationery section.. ( I am never too impressed by their stationery? Just not my cup of tea)


These storage containers are very cheap and good quality too! Always needed in a classroom!





These small ones for 1.50 are so useful for holding card games in, dominos, story cubes etc!


3E cushions! Maybe the student of the day could get a cushion to sit on? Might be a nice treat!



This section was all reduced. I got loads of the blue ribbon…TEN CENT each!! The sellotape was fifty cent for two rolls! Amazing value!IMG_0594


Marker style gel pens reduced to one euro!


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