Science Units 1st and 2nd Class

July 28, 2016

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Hello everyone,


It is hard to believe it’s nearly the end of July?! I don’t want the summer to end! Well I am torn between loving my time off, and being excited about my new class group. I am having a great summer, but for it going far too fast! I am up in Dublin this week, taking it very easy! Sonny and I have been cafe hopping all week, a most enjoyable way to pass an afternoon. We meet Tom for lunch most days too, which Sonny loves. He fits right in in Grand Canal Dock! I have been doing a bit of blogging in the mornings, and I finally finished all three of my summer courses! Such a relief! I have had a few queries which I will just address here quickly before moving on to the topic of  This post, my new science units.


  1. Will I be doing any seminars?

I won’t unfortunately, I had planned to do more besides the Galway one but I just don’t have time. We are going on holiday next week, and then I’ll be at home for the rest of the summer so I just won’t have time.


2. My book is available to pre-order only and will be available to buy in October. Again it takes so much time to post them out (I never even factored that into the equation!) I don’t want to sell them and be really late posting them, so I am going to wait until things quieten down.


3.  I have been nominated for the Littlewoods Blog Awards! Thank you to whoever nominated me!


4. Yes, I am moving to 1st and 2nd in September and I CAN’T WAIT!!


*****Science Units for 1st and 2nd Class***********


You know the way when you are really well rested and relaxed, your mind starts working and you get really creative? Well near the end of the school year, I was exhausted. I was worried that I had run out of ideas and creativity and that I was becoming boring. However, over the summer I became inspired, after a much needed sabbatical  ! All these ideas starting whizzing around in my head and I had to scribble them down. So, over the past few weeks I have been putting these to paper. I have come up with weekly units for teaching science to 1st and 2nd class. I love doing science experiments but the amount available online are dwindling, or I have just used them all, I don’t know. I had to just put my thinking teacher cap on and come up with my own! So that is what I have done! So far, I have the Dinosaur unit (40 pages), Ocean Animals (30 plus pages) and all about Teeth!(35 pages)

These three units have lots of experiments, new words flash cards, templates, facts, report templates, teacher notes and more besides. They are 3.50 each but can be bought as a bundle of three for seven euro.

My nephew has tried some of them and they went down very well which is a good sign!


They can be purchased here:



Happy ToothDentist Chair_1Dinosaur_Orange

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