Harvest Fair Theme

October 1, 2016

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Hello everyone!

I have had a few requests to share what I will be teaching or what I do teach day to day. Like all teachers, I have a set of text books which I have to get covered with my 1st and 2nd class. We use Cracking Maths, Bua na Cainte, Look, Listen and Learn, and a handwriting book. Luckily, and THANK GOODNESS we do not have an SESE workbook so I have the freedom to teach what suits theme wise in all other subjects, so I can’t complain really!

The month of October is busy theme wise, as we have our annual Harvest Fair, which will be my first theme, and then Halloween which will be my second theme.

Regarding our harvest fair, I hope to integrate as follows:

English: recount writing-last year’s harvest fair.

Science: the life cycle of the apple, trees,

History: Myself and my family: when my grandparents were young: farming long ago, making bread. We will make brown bread in class.

Geography: Human Environments: Living in the local community: farming in our locality

Science: Living things: plants and animals: Bats and hedgehogs, Materials, materials and change: baking brown bread

Drama: acting out scenes from a farm

Music: learning a harvest song

PE: dance- we’ll learn a ceili dance of some sort.

Art:harvest fair mural


Our school hold an actual harvest fair with a conker competition, each class performs a dance for the parents, we have a tractor on site, hay, a scarecrow, the whole shebang! So this is why I have the theme of the harvest. It’s a great theme to do though even just with your class if it is not a whole school event as there is huge scope for integration.

My 20 page Bats Unit can be found here:http://www.muinteoirvalerie.com/shop/bat-unit/

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