The Hedgehog

October 2, 2016

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We have been learning all about autumn since we came back to school last month. Part of this included learning about the humble hedgehog. Would you believe I have never seen a hedgehog in real life- I would love to see one! Anyway, I digress. I thought they would be a nice creature to study in Science (living things-plants and animals) and in English (report writing genre)

We learned about hedgehogs last week. The children and I created a KWL chart first to figure out what we knew about hedgehogs. We then read a non fiction comprehension piece on the interactive whiteboard. We learned lots of interesting facts about the hedgehog.

We then studied how the piece was written- it was factual and not opinion based.

The children then wrote their own mini reports on the hedgehog.

They also did a cutting and pasting activity where they had to match the picture to the word and stick the corresponding word and picture into their copy books. I used the words burrow, nocturnal, piglet, quills and insectivore as these were the new words of the day.

We then watched a video about hedgehogs on youtube.

Later on in the week the children made hedgehogs in art. We also made a giant hedgehog using pasta pieces painted brown, which the children worked on in groups with our SNA.


We are now officially hedgehog experts!

My hedgehog unit I used can be found here: Grab the free copies while they are there!

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