A Múinteoir Valerie Update

February 24, 2017

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Hi everyone,

I hope we are all enjoying the midterm? I braved Storm Doris yesterday and made it home thank goodness! I love the February break- it’s the one I find most needed, it can be a long stretch between January and the end of February. (Any non teachers reading I do apologise!)

I am sorry I have been MIA for the past two months. I feel so guilty over it- I hope you all had your queries answered elsewhere.It’s funny, in my last blog post I said my new years resolution was to update this blog once a week, well that didn’t happen. What has happened however is that Tom and I bought a house! It has been all consuming, and I also don’t have proper internet yet which makes blogging difficult. I am now fascinated with my new hot press, my utility and all things homely. What have I become?! It is such an exciting time though and it is probably no harm for me to have an interest outside of teaching, reading and Sonny!

So that is that. Alas time waits for no man, (or woman) and school has been as busy as ever with PT meetings, and first confession preparations. I still positively love having my first and second class. The novelty has yet to wear thin. They are just so much fun, not a day goes by without a good old laugh between myself, the children and the SNA  so that’s great! Also did you see what we had delivered to our classroom for kindness day? Never was there a more enjoyed cup of tea!

In other news, my book has been sold out for the past while and it won’t be restocked until next summer, sorry about that! Sometimes you have to prioritise things. I have learned in my infinite wisdom that it is sadly not possible to do everything. I had run myself ragged before Christmas trying to get the books out to everyone,sort out the mortgage application (which was just HORRENDOUS) ,  make new resources, maintain the blog,and most importantly of all trying to constantly think of fun and engaging lessons for my own class. So, the book has been shelved until next summer to give me time to focus on and enjoy our new house and my adorable little first and second classers!


I will endeavour to post more, and reply more to messages,



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