Larry the Leprechaun&English writing genres

March 13, 2017

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Hello everyone!

I was feeling creative this evening so I decided to put together a fun activity for my first and second class. I want to revise procedural and narrative writing with them this week so I built this resource around that. Hopefully I will get a chance to use it now, between the first confession tomorrow and the 101 other things to do, it’ll be a short and action packed week!

So, the resource is based on Larry, a naughty leprechaun who decided to run away from school with the class prize box. The children have to figure out and write the procedure for getting him back with the prize box intact.

Then, Larry leaves a mysterious note saying he will only return if the class write a story using a number of words he suggests. So, the children then get to practice both procedural and narrative writing in the same week. And that is my assessment for the week done too.

I have kept it short at 12 pages but there is huge scope to be garnered with this resource. If you could find a puppet or a leprechaun teddy to be Larry, maybe leave a few clues around the school like footsteps in flour, a hand scribbled note here and there, maybe some muddy footprints too? Maybe hide Larry on yard and the children will try find him after their writing. You could also have a discussion about leprechauns with the class, are they real? Why are they always looking for gold? Why did Larry run away? The possibilities are endless, so enjoy!



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