Bricks4Kidz Lego Workshop

May 2, 2017

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The lovely very kindly visited our school last week and did two workshops, one with 2nd-3rd class and one with 4th-6th class.

I asked the creators of Bricks4kidz to come to our school as part of our Primary Discovery Science work. The lego workshop was part of our engineering step.

The children enjoyed it so much. It was really well run and organised, and I was quite impressed by the whole set up. I have linked their website if you want to have a look.

I really liked how each child got their own lego kit. This ensured that each child had opportunity to work at their own pace rather than in a group where the children who are excellent at lego may take the lead. Every child worked at their own pace and received help from the Bricks4kidz gang, of which there were three, so there was lots of hands on help available. (Thank goodness because I could not for the life of me get the hang of it. It was so hard! And that was the junior end lego!)

So the lego kits are differentiated by a coloured shape on the front of the booklet. They range from easy to very difficult. All the children managed to complete the task to make a motorised gymnast and they were so proud!







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