Classroom Expectations

August 13, 2017

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As a follow up to yesterday’s post, here are some suggestions for classroom expectations. It seems like a lot but once the children know what is expected from them, the year will be so much easier.It will take time, all of September and some of October for some children but it is worth it! It is something I really want to work on this year. My líne always start out so well at the start of the year and then I relax and then it goes by the wayside! So that is my number one objective for this year. It may sound trivial but it is not easy to have 30 children walking in perfect formation! Once you have these in place, it will be smooth sailing in your classroom!

1.Lining up in the morning- where to stand and how to stand (hands by your side)

2.Entering the classroom: take down chair, put bag on the floor.

  1. Walking in the corridor: walk in a straight line, no talking.

4. Eating lunch: don’t leave your place while eating lunch

5. Moving around the classroom: walk, don’t run

  1. Sitting around the whiteboard: keep your hands and legs to yourself
  2. Bathroom procedures: make a T sign with your hand when you need to use the bathroom.
  3. School Supplies: show the children where the supplies are
  4. Getting the teachers attention: raise your hand, don’t shout out.
  5. What to do when finished your work: early finishers
    1. Group work: follow group work rules
    2. Classroom visitors: how to behave when visitors enter the room.
    3. Home time: prayers, chairs up, tidy classroom.
    4. Follow classroom rules.
    5. Classroom jobs.
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