June 8, 2013

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Extra-curricular Activities for the Summer Months

Hello there!
Isn’t this weather great?! We don’t know ourselves here with it!
This is just a post for teachers/student teachers who want to enhance their CV’s. I have been speaking to a few teachers and I have picked up some tips.
It is my opinion from researching jobs etc that principals seem to seek out candidates with strong extra curriculars. The main ones would be music (think of all the work you could do with choirs and concerts!) and sports. (Unfortunately for me) There are loads others. Our tutor told us that lots of principals like to hire candidates with strong ICT skills.
So, the main thing is, as Mad Eye Moody said to Harry Potter, ‘Play to your strengths!’
If you are a keen sportsperson, then big it up! Maybe get involved in coaching children, you could even become a camp leader for those ‘Fitkids’ camps.

Personally, it is my ambition to become proficient in as many musical instruments as possible. I already play a couple. I bought a guitar,and I fully intend to learn how to play it! I guess the main ones for the classroom would be the tinwhistle (of course!), the keyboard, and the guitar maybe? I know it can’t hurt anyway to have them!

Lots of teachers have previous degrees, so you could build on these. For example, if you have a science degree you could set up a Science Camp, kids would love it!
I have an English degree and would like to set up a Book Club or a Writing Club. If you have a History degree , set up a Historians Club! The possibilites are endless.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a CV brimming over with extra curriculars? It shows you have a real interest in working with children.

That’s just a few of my ideas..

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