June 7, 2013

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Field trip to the Beach!

For those lucky teachers who live near the coast, isn’t it the perfect weather for a field trip to the nearest beach?
I went on one with a school a couple of weeks ago. 
We gave the children template sheets to identify the different types of seaweed. Who knew there were so many different types?! I certainly didn’t!
We also examined different aspects of the seashore, the baseline, shells, rocks and so on.
The children had nets and buckets and caught many different sea creatures from the rock pool. (All of which were returned to their homes before we left!)
The children drew the different types of sea creatures and seaweed they found. 
At the end of the day they had a competition to see who could make the best sea creature sculpture out of sand.
It was so much fun, but tiring.![pb_builder]

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