June 6, 2013

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Roundstone Homework Club-Birthday Party!

So, we had a little party today for one of the children in HW club because it was his birthday.
The children were really excited, it was hard to get them to concentrate on their homework!
I love having parties in school or in my various kids clubs. It only takes 20 minutes or so and can be so much fun. We made rice crispie buns today. It was a bit of a disaster though! It is hard to find a job for every child whilst making them. In the end I gave each child a small bowl and they made their own batch. It worked out much better than everyone working from one big bowl. 

So, my tip for today: Have a bowl and spoon for each child when making rice crispie buns! It takes the same amount of ingredients as normal but leads to a lot less squabbling.

Oh, and ALWAYS check with parents regarding allergies. : )[pb_builder]

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