June 6, 2013

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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having here in Ireland! I know I’ll be working with kids outdoors as much as possible these days!
Here are some fun ideas for teaching outdoors whilst still meeting the curriculum objectives. : )

  1. Go on a nature trail! This can be done at home or in school. Examine the trees near you, can you name the different types? How many different types of birds can you spot?Listen carefully, what can you hear? Birds, wild life creatures, crickets?


  1. Go on a maths trail! Maths trails can be done almost anywhere! For example, add up the numbers on the number plate of your car.Are the bars on your front gate horizontal or vertical?How many metres long is your garden? Use a metre stick to measure!

I will post a sample maths trail later on today : )

3. Play as many ‘old fashioned’ games as possible. You know the ones- ‘Red Light Green Light’, ‘Mother May I’, ‘Stuck in the Mud’, ‘ Giant Steps’ and ‘ Four Corners’. 
I play these games with children in my seasonal camps and they love them! It’s the novelty factor!

4. Partitioning in maths can be done by using two hula hoops in a garden as sets, and counting the amount of daisies in each.

Loads more ideas to come, but I am off to do some baking in my after school club now! We have a birthday to celebrate. : )



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