5 Facts About ..My Education

May 4, 2014

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Hello everyone,
As my obsession with our American counterparts grows, so too do I find myself emanating their style. I love looking at their classrooms, their teaching supplies, outfits etc! It is so very interesting. Mom thinks I am mad! Anyway, the American bloggers always do their ‘Five for Fridays’ , where they write about five resources they bought, used, or found useful that week. I’m going to give it a try next week, if I get any subbing to try it out! Another aspect of their blogs I enjoy are their fact sheets, like ‘Five Random Facts About Me’ or ’10 Facts about my Education, Classroom, Books and so on. I don’t know why but I find these fascinating!
So here is my first fact list.

1. I always wanted to be a journalist- still do! (along with teaching of course!)

2. I have an English and Law degree. I have never and will never use my law degree, but I enjoyed it all the same!

4. I studied in the best college ever-NUIG!

5. I hope to do a Masters as soon as possible.

Hope that didn’t bore you too much!

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