Easy Prediction Lesson for Junior Classes

May 7, 2014

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Hello all,
As many of you face into your first teaching practice, I thought it may be useful to post a sample English prediction lesson. I was fortunate enough to be subbing in a school last week while a teacher from the PPDS was visiting to model teaching a prediction lesson. It was very helpful and I hope to do the same next week when subbing. I know that on my first TP with Hibernia we hadn’t covered the core subjects. I didn’t really know exactly how to deliver an English lesson because of this. If this is still the case, then this may help!

Prediction Lesson:

  • Cover the title of the book with a post-it. Ask the children to examine the illustration on the front cover to guess what the title is. 
  • show the children how to make a ‘p’ sign with their fingers. They must make the ‘p’ sign when they want to make a prediction.
  • Explain what the term prediction means.
  • Take four or five predictions, then reveal the title of the book.
  • Examine the illustrations.
  • Examine the first sentence in the book. E.g in ‘Peace at Last’, the first sentence is ‘the hour was late’. Ask the children what this means, what time was it in the story, day or night?
  • Cover the last word in the sentence with a piece of paper. E.g. in the book ‘Peace at last’. The bear went to the.. garden. ( cover the word garden) Where do you predict the bear went next? The bear was tired. ( cover the word tired, can you predict how the bear felt? hungry? tired? sad?
  • Continue using this strategy throughout the story, using the pictures to aid your predictions.
  • Ask children questions such as: what do we use to help us predict? pictures, title. etc.
  • Encourage the children to look for clues in the pictures.
  • Remind the children that we do not have to be right when we predict, it’s okay to be wrong!
  • Encourage all children to have a go at predicting the last word in the sentence. 

    For the end of the story, take lots of predictions before the big reveal at the end.                                    As aforementioned, I observed the teacher using ‘Peace at Last’ for predicting. Other books which would work well for predicting are:

  • Handa’s Suprise
  • The Gruffalo
  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
  • The Snail and the Whale
  • Monkey Puzzle


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