Managing Negative Behaviour in the Senior Classes

May 7, 2014

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I recently got this book as a present ‘Getting the Buggers To Behave’ by Sue Crowley.  I haven’t read all of it yet but here are some extracts to help if you are faced with shall we say, challenging behaviour.


  1. Be definite
  2. Be aware- ask the teacher before tp if there are any problems you need to be aware of in the classroom.
  3. Be calm and consistent. Use the same management system every day. 
  4. Give the children structure. A timetable on a large poster paper with the daily timetable will ensure all children know what they are and will be doing, and hence reducing off task behaviour.
  5. Be positive. Don’t expect bad behaviour from a child solely because the teacher told you to watch out for him/her! 
  6. Be interested. Show an interest in their lives and hobbies, even if it’s discussing the merits of the members of 1D!
  7. Be flexible. If a child has a good and solid reason for not doing their homework, then maybe just accept it and ask them to do it the following night instead, or over the weekend. 
  8. Engage them. If you can capture the attention and interest of a whole class, then you may just keep them on task.
  9. Wait for silence. Do not speak unless you have silence! It is so disrespectful. I used to make a HUGE deal over this, act all shocked and horrified if someone interrupts you, don’t let it go!
  10. Give them ‘the choice’. Do they want to do their work, or do they want to do extra at home?
  11. Be reasonable, but don’t reason with them!
  12. Set targets and time limits. If work is not completed within a reasonable time, then they do it as extra homework.
  13. Put yourself in their shoes! I used to always do this..don’t forget what it’s like to be a child, to be trying to impress your peers.
  14. ****Whatever you do, do not resort to sarcasm. It is the most humiliating thing you can do. I can’t stand sarcastic people!***


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