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October 1, 2014

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Plank Ball

Hello everyone,
I can’t believe it has been two weeks since I have blogged! I am sorry for the lack of posts. We still don’t have the internet installed in the apartment. Anyways, I am half way through my first week in the new school. As those of you who follow my Facebook page know, I have a substitute position in a school for six weeks. It is a great stint of work, and I consider myself extremely blessed to have it. I have all but moved into the classroom. I have decorated the door, put up posters, displays and so on. I have certainly made myself at home!
I am teaching fourth class, thirteen boys in a DEIS band one. I am enjoying it so far. Coming from a small rural area, with the majority of my previous experience being in small schools, this is fantastic experience for me, and a real eye opener.
While I have been finding my feet this week, I relied heavily on the following for the early finishers:
The Relief Teacher Toolkit
Primary Quiz’s
Gníomhaíochtaí Éisteachtaí
Carol Vorderman’s English Made Easy
I have a small class, but with a huge range of ability. The differentiation required is significant. So I photocopied lots of materials from the books mentioned above, and put them in a basket. The children who finish early work on these, while I give the others my attention.
I rather unfortunately, do not have access to an interactive whiteboard. I am ashamed to admit I had become hugely reliant on the IWB, and almost expected one to be in every classroom I walked into. I mostly miss Go Noodle, the brain breaks site. I also really miss the on-line timers, and the Planet Maths website.  It’s a hard life, that of a teacher without her IWB! I will be spending this week researching brain breaks, concrete timers and maths games!
Coming soon: how to manage without the IWB!


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